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Colts trade Sapp

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The Colts traded Gerome Sapp back to the team that first drafted him: the Baltimore Ravens. Indy traded Sapp to the Rat Birds for a conditional 7th round pick in the 2007 draft.

Why did the Colts trade Sapp, a solid back-up safety and special teams player? This is why:

Indianapolis coaches like the progress made this spring by young safeties Matt Giordano and Dexter Reid and the team has been impressed with sixth-round choice Antoine Bethea as well. While the Colts plan to keep 2005 first-round choice Marlin Jackson at cornerback, there is still a chance that he could be moved inside to safety.
Marlin isn't moving to safety, despite what ESPN thinks. It's nice to see that Dungy is so pleased with the young safeties. I'm also happy the Colts are sticking with Dexter Reid. Reid is a special teams demon. Why New England let this guy go, I have no idea.

Heck, I still don't know how they let Adam Vinatieri go. But, we've discussed that.

In other news, it seems Robert Mathis's contract is worth $30 million bucks, with $12 million guaranteed, an $8.1 million signing bonus, a $3.9 million roster bonus due next March, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Yes, he is worth it. Mathis is an amazing pass rusher, and he is stellar at creating turnovers. He makes Freeney better. He makes the defense better. He's a playmaker.