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Another day, another dumb article

Yet another member of the pundit media (John Czarnecki of FOX Sports) weighs in on the issues to look out for the 2006 season. The Colts made #2 on his list:

2. Now that Indianapolis has the best clutch kicker in recent history, are the Colts a shoo-in to finally win a Super Bowl?

There is no doubt that Adam Vinatieri, who never missed a playoff field goal that mattered with the Patriots, is a big plus for Indianapolis, who released liquored-up kicker Mike Vanderjagt, now a Cowboy. Peyton Manning was never a fan of Vanderjagt and we all know that Manning runs the Colts. But no matter how many kicks Vinatieri makes, the Colts have to prove to themselves that Dominic Rhodes and first-round pick Joseph Addai can replace stud running back Edgerrin James.


Contrary to what this guy thinks, Manning and Vanderjagt have, for the most part, always gotten along. Aside from the "idiot kicker" comments in 2003, Manning and Vanderjagt have always remained friendly. Recently, the media has given Vandy every opportunity to bash Manning, and every time Vandy has stated that he and Manning are friends. Here's a quote from Vanderjagt recently regarding his relationship with Manning:

"Peyton and I get along great. That's another myth, too. When I signed in Dallas, Peyton called and congratulated me. We truly have a good relationship.

Pesky little facts like this get in the way of a good hack piece, don't they?

The other annoying tidbit from John is the notion that "Manning runs the Colts." Um, no. Mr. Irsay, Mr. Polian, and Mr. Dungy run the Colts. Manning wanted Edgerrin James re-signed. He practically begged management to do it. They didn't, and instead drafted Joseph Addai. It's rumored Manning wanted Lawrence Maroney. Doesn't sound like Manning is "running things" now, does it?

Oh those pesky facts!

The last part of John's article is simply laughable:

10. Can the Miami Dolphins unseat the New England Patriots in the AFC East?

They have a shot with new quarterback Daunte Culpepper. But when Culpepper faces the Patriots twice a season, Bill Belichick will bring him down to earth. The Patriots still have too many defensive schemes. They have proven to be too much for Peyton Manning; they will be too much for Culpepper, too. And if Ty Law ends up in New England, game over!

Hmmmmmm. I seem to recall a game last year. A game in Foxboro where I do believe the Colts won. What was the score of that game? Ah yes, it was--


Colts didn't seem to have much trouble with them then, did they John? The Patriots of 2003-2004 are long gone, and if John thinks the addition of an aged Ty Law is going to magically give New England another Super Bowl, then I suggest he pull out tapes of last year's team and actually WATCH how they played last year.

Honestly, how do people like John Czarnecki have jobs like this? Does he even watch the games? Does he even know what SPORT we're talking about? When I read crap like this, it really makes me wonder if Czarnecki has pictures of his employer's boss, Rupert Murdock, naked with a goat or something.