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Small milestone

Stampede Blue went "live" back in March, and already we've crossed the 5,000 hits threshold, with almost 13,000 page views. This is a small but significant step forward. Already, I'm seeing less Anonymous User postings and more posting from users with sign-in names.

This is my first attempt EVER at maintaining a blog, and to reach 5,000 in just three months feels very good. I must be doing something right. However, like all things blog-related, I alone am not the reason this site continues to grow. I'd like to thank folks like Blez, InBradyWeTrust, jdb, and other posters that have helped build up our small but growing Colts blogging community. Guys like Grizz (BTB) and WCG (Windy City Gridiron) have built some sizable communities with their teams, while new bloggers like SeanYuille, Kirkendall, and myself are just now building up our blogging communities. It helps to have a team like the Bears or the Cowboys propping up the site. Both teams have rich histories and rapid fans. Teams like the Colts, Lions, and Bengals are just beginning to develop similar followings with their fans. Hopefully, we can all grow together. I check SeanYuille's, Kirkendall's, and the other SB Nation football sites every day because they all write great stuff. I encourage you to do the same.

It is also nice to see the SB Nation football family grow with the addition of Field Gulls, the Seahawks blog. Already, that site is writing some great stuff. I've learned more about the teams for these respective blogs than I ever did reading ESPN, The Sporting News, or CNNSI. I'm hoping we can get at least one AFC South team blogged here before the season starts, and I know WCG is just ITCHIN' for someone to make a Green Bay Packers blog.

All-in-all, this has been a fun and enjoyable experience, and I thank all those that have posted and continue to post for their insight. Please continue to post.

Please agree and disagree with me. This is a site for everyone, not just for me to rant and rave. It's a site for the Colts, and for anyone who loves the great game of American Football. Moreso than anytime before, football is the premier sport in the USA. I love to hear how much you all love it, and why you do.

So, thanks for this small milestone. Let's continue to make this community grow. Oh, and one more thing--