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Rat Birds bag McNair

It's official: Steve McNair is now a Baltimore Rat Bird, pending a physical. In my opinion, this immediately vaults Baltimore past Pittsburgh and Cincy in the AFC North. No disrespect to either the Bengals or Steelers, but if McNair is healthly, and that's a big if, he gives the Ravens exactly what they have lacked since they erroneously cut Trent Dilfer lose six year prior: solid QB play. McNair played well for a bad Tennessee team last year. Baltimore has some serious weapons on offense, starting with LT Jonathan Ogden, RB Jamal Lewis, and newly acquired RB Mike Anderson. Todd Heap is still a dangerous TE, and the Ravens have some good receivers. One of them is Derrick Mason, who used to be McNair's go-to guy when they both played for the Titans. Then, there's Baltimore's defense which added DT/DE Trevor Pryce this off-season.

John Clayton of ESPN sums this signing up best:

McNair gives the Ravens a chance to challenge the Steelers and Bengals in the AFC North, and his addition puts them on the map again as far as the playoffs are concerned. As much as [Terrell] Owens signing in Dallas changed the balance of power in the NFC, McNair's arrival in Baltimore could have just as big of an impact on the AFC.
This signing is indeed very, very big. It's one that's had me worried for a while. One of the main things that has held Baltimore back (other than the incompetence of head coach Brian Billick) is the QB play. Now, they get a proven playmaker when he's healthy.

What does this mean for the Colts? Well, it seems to assure that Tennessee will stink even more this year than last, and last year they won 4 games. The Colts do not play Baltimore during the regular season, but if both teams are fortunate enough to battle in the playoffs:

Oh, momma!

Baltimore fans hate the Colts more than any other fan base hates the Colts. That's right. They hate Indy more than New England does. Patriots fans hate Peyton Manning, but not necessarily the Colts. Rat Bird fans hate the Colts. This is a big signing indeed.