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Colts cut OG Ryan Lilja

From KFFL:

Colts | Lilja released
Wed, 7 Jun 2006 19:48:04 -0700

The Indianapolis Colts have released OG Ryan Lilja.

This is actually a little surprising. Lilja was interviewed last night on Indianapolis Sports Radio 1260, and there was no mention of this. Still, the writing was on the wall. Lilja and Jack Scott played terribly in the playoff game against Pittsburgh. Perhaps we'll see Wayne Gandy starting at guard this season, or maybe the rookie Michael Toudouze.

Also, per the same KFFL link, the contracts signed by QB Shaun King and WR/KR Terrerence Wilkins were one-year deals with a base salary of $585,000.

Update [2006-6-8 12:14:35 by BigBlueShoe]: Well, apparently, the KFFL report was wrong. Lilja has not been cut, according to his agents:

?The report is erroneous,? Craig Domann, Lilja?s agent told ColtPower. ? I?ve spoken with the team, and consistent with all of our conversations, they are very happy with Ryan.?
Props to for getting this right.