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David Thornton, God, and Money

I love it when players use "God" as justification for leaving a team for more money elsewhere. Former-Colts linebacker David Thornton discusses his new team, the Tennessee Titans, and states that the Colts did give him an offer, but the Titans offered more:

"My whole offseason experience was a roller-coaster ride, but I know it all worked out according to God's plan," Thornton said. "I wanted to stay a Colt, but it wasn't the wisest decision for me to make."
Now, understand that I am a big David Thornton fan. He's one of my favorite Colts ever. He was a late-round draft pick that had turned into a fine linebacker.

Is he worth $22.5 million for five years? Hell no!

But one thing Thornton does, and many athletes do, is talk about "God's plan" when it comes to their business decisions. It's insulting when they do this. God didn't tell David Thornton to leave the Colts. On his own, David Thornton decided to leave the Colts for more money. Now, there's nothing wrong with this, in my opinion. In fact, it's smart on David's part. The Titans have a long history of overpaying for talent. It's a big reason they have stunk for the last three years. So, if a player like David Thornton (5th on the team in tackles) is offered some insane contract that no one else is offering, he damn well better take it.

I just wish David would be a little more honest about it. "I left the Colts because the Titans offered more money." That's it. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing to be ashamed of. This is a business. Some fans have a hard time understanding this. They actually get mad at a player for leaving their beloved team for more money. They feel this way knowing full well they'd do the exact same thing if they had the opportunity.

Patriots fans cried and moaned when Adam Vinatieri left for more money. There was nothing wrong with his decision, just as there's nothing wrong with Ben Wallace leaving the Pistons. The Bulls offered more, and Ben took it. If the Pistons really, truly wanted him... they'd have offered more. Whiny Pistons fans calling Ben Wallace a "traitor" are just loser dorks who need to get a life. Seriously. And at least Ben was honest, saying money was the reason he left Detroit.

Edgerrin James left the Colts for more money. Ben Wallace left the Pistons for more money. Adam Vinatieri left the Patriots for money.

David Thornton left for more money, not because it was "God's will."