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SB Nation Fantasy Football

Shrug at Field Gulls and I have set up a fantasy football league, pitting 16 SB Nation writers against each other for the championship. Blez at Athletics Nation is playing, as are most of the NFL bloggers. I'm in the SB south division with Grizz at BTB, Adam at LoneStarBall, and Patrick at DRaysBay. 6 teams make the playoffs, while the other 10 have a consolation playoff.

We haven't had our draft yet, but you can rest assured I will move heaven and earth to get Mr. Peyton Manning. Why? Well, for starters, he's a fantasy gem. The other reason is simple:


I'll keep you updated on how the draft goes, and when the season starts they'll be much trash talking leading up to head-to-head matches. We're getting much of our fantasy info from Eric Hinz's FakeTeams site. For those of you playing FF this season, I HIGHLY recommend FakeTeams as a fantasy source. Eric is a goldmine of FF knowledge.