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Edge back in Indy

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Photo source: AZ Central

Relax. He's just in town for the Indiana Black Expo, which is a yearly event in Indianapolis celebrating African American culture. I encourage any and all to attend it. It's a lot of fun, and very insightful.

Edgerrin is in town to promote the Expo and some events happening there. He had this to say about leaving the Colts and signing with the Cardinals:

"The fans know what I did for the team [Colts]. They know what's going on. I'm just doing my thing in a different area code. I'm not going to argue about why this or why that didn't happen. Discuss that with the people who pull the trigger."
Edge, I love ya. You're one of my favorite NFL players, regardless of what uniform you're wearing.

Edge, you are NOT worth $30 million over 4 years, with $11 million up front in bonus money, which equals about a $17 million dollar cap hit this season alone. Sorry.