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Apparently, the New Orleans Saints are prepping themselves for the boat load of cash they are going to have to fork over for the spoiled rotten running back they drafted #2 overall: Reggie Bush. To make room for this yutz, they have cut arguably their best defensive player, and one of the better safeties in the league: Dwight Smith.

Smith was brought up through the Tampa Bay system while Tony Dungy was still the coach there. He blossomed in the Cover 2, and signed a fat free agent contract with NO a few years ago. Now, they've cut him.

I really wanted the Colts to sign this guy when he was a free agent. The prospect of Smith and Bob Sanders TOGETHER on the football field makes my mouth water. Besides, we all know S Mike Doss is done as a Colt after this season.

Colts GM Bill Polian has a good relationship with Drew Rosenhaus, Smith's agent. Mr. Polian, if it is at all possible, sign this guy! He's a complete stud, and pairing him with Bob would make this defense even more dominant.