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Stampede Blue will blog from training camp

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Training camps are kicking off all across the NFL! This is a really fun part of the year: the team gets together, coaches form offensive and defensive packages based on personnel, and the team rounds into shape in time for Kickoff Weekend. It's a lot of fun.

Just so everyone knows, Stampede Blue will do some blogging from the Colts training camp located at the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, IN (a place comedian Steve Martin once called "the armpit of America"). From what I gather, Rose-Hulman doesn't have wi-fi service on their practice fields or in their facilities. So, with the help of a few local writers, I'll get training camp info phoned to me and I'll post it on the site. I will likely attend some of training camp personally, and then just post my observations when I can get Internet access.

So, if you want info on how players look, what's going on, and all that's doing at the Colts training camp in 2006, keep your eyes here.