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Some fun articles, and Bill Belichick shtupping your wife

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. has a nice article on 3rd round pick Freddie Keiaho. Expect Keiaho to play a lot of special teams in 2006. I didn't know he blocked 4 punts in college! Freddie's got a nice quote in the article, and it's a sentiment I share:

"I want to make Mr. Polian and Coach Dungy look like geniuses for taking me where they did."

The Tribune-Star in Terre Haute has a nice article on the all-time best and worst Indianapolis Colt. Here's a fun line, with a nice dig at Baltimore fans:

And no Baltimore Colts, only Indianapolis Colts need apply. That admittedly leaves out a ton of greats, but it also repays Baltimore for averaging only 41,968 fans per game in the Colts' last season in Maryland, and all of the years of subsequent whining about how their loyalty was compromised by the move, until they stole the Cleveland Browns Ravens.

In other news: Husbands beware! This man might be bumping uglies with your wife:

Photo source: Newswire

Now, I typically shy away from making fun of another team's coach, but with this I can't resist: Bill Belichick is a serious player!

Vincent Shenocca said his wife's "relationship" with Belichick - whom she met while he worked for the Giants in the 1980s - was one of the major factors prompting him to ask for a divorce.

He said the coach showered her with pricey gifts and enough cash to hire a maid for the couple's Morristown, N.J., home.

The construction worker husband never specifically denied begging for a three-in-a-bed romp - but he said his wife was no innocent waif.

Pause of a moment. Re-read that section again, and most likely you will have this expression on your face:

Apparently, Bill liked a woman named Sharon, who happened to be the wife of a man named Vincent Shenocca. Bill expressed his liking by buying expensive gifts for Sharon. Sharon hid these gifts from her hubby, Vincent. It's also fair to assume Bill was shtupping Sharon behind Vincent's back. You don't buy treadmills and jewelry for some girl you kind of like. You buy expensive things for a woman you are trying to shtup. Now, years later, the details of the Shenocca's bitter divorse have brought this to light. Apparently, Bill doesn't just fill his time reading history novels and obsessing over how to re-scheme his next defense.

Apparently, Bill likes the ladies, especially when they are spoken for.

And speaking of those wacky Patriots, it's time for me to take yet another slap at them. Apparently, The Kansas City Chiefs signed former Pats CB Ty Law to a multi-year deal the other day. In my mind, and in the minds of many others, the Patriots should have moved heaven and earth to get Law back in the Pats locker room. Why?

Because they secondary still stinks.

But hey, if the Pats don't want to seriously upgrade their secondary, that's cool with me. It just means another 41 point beat down in Foxboro.