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Can we PLEASE get our picks signed already!

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I like Bill Polian. He's a really, really good GM. In fact, he might be one of the best fooball GMs ever. When you take three garbage franchises (Buffalo, Carolina, and Indy) and turn them into contenders, you are pretty damn good. However, if there's one thing about Polian that drives me nuts it is his track record of signing rookies late into camp.

Polian drives a hard line with rookies. Last year was a rare feat for Polian: all picks were signed and in camp on the first day. This year, with  camps starting tomorrow, only 5th round OG Michael Toudouze is signed, and he did so yesterday. Why is it taking so long for Polian to sign this year's crop of rookies. Michael Marot of AP has some insight:

Rodney Williams, the agent for sixth-round pick Charlie Johnson, said he believes the biggest obstacle has been the Colts' insistence that draft picks agree to four-year deals rather than the more standard three-year contracts.

"I think that's why in the later end, things aren't done," Williams said.

The positive one can take from Marot's article is that it seems first round pick Joseph Addai will get signed in time for camp tomorrow. Addai really should be a done deal. New England has already signed Lawrence Marhoney, Carolina inked RB Deangelo Williams, and Pittsburgh has signed WR Santonio Holmes. This gives the Colts and Addai's agent a beter framework to structure the contract. He should be in training camp tomorrow, baring any kind of dumb, last minute holdup.

In anticipation of signing Toudouze, the Colts waived fan favorite Makoa Freitas. Freitas was the back-up LT, but sat out all of last season with an injury. It seems that injury might have ended his career. Freitas will be remembered for his outstanding play in 2003. When starting LT Tarik Glenn was out for 5 games, Freitas stepped in and played outstanding. In a game against Carolina, Freitas stoned Pro Bowl DE Michael Rucker all game long. It's a shame to see injury cut short such a fine player.

In other news leading up to camp, the Colts added WR Levon Thomas, who was cut by the Saints. Thomas is a second year player out of Georgia Tech, and while there he handled kick returns. Looks like the Colts have brought in another player to compete with Terrence Wilkins and the as-yet-unsigned TJ Rushing.