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Camp Quickies

  • DT Corey Simon showed up about 15 pounds lighter than his playing weight last season (335-340). I'm not sure what Simon's weight actually is, but damn he sure LOOKS slimmer.


    This is good because Simon can now stay in there on passing downs. He's always been quick enough to get to the QB, but last year his weight forced the Colts to use Larry Tripplett as the pass rushing DT. Now that Trip is gone, it's up to a slimmer Simon and Raheem Brock to plant the QB on passing downs.

  • Reggie Wayne showed up to camp wearing an Edgerrin James Arizona Cardinals jersey.
    "It's no protest, I'm just supporting my homeboy," Wayne said, referring to James. "I wish he was here, but it wasn't my decision and it wasn't my judgment."
  • When Manning showed up, he joked that he had walked to Terre Haute from Indianapolis. Tarre Haute is 77 miles from Indy. The joke was in reference to the kind of things Edge used to do when he'd arrive at camp. One year, he showed up in a cab he'd taken from Indy (the fair was several hundred dollars). Last year, he showed up in a bus full of 45 kids.  Edge is certainly missed.
  • On the eve of camp, Manning sent this text message to his Colts teammates:
    "Are you ready for football and to make this our year?"
    Within seconds, Manning's phone received this response from rookie RB Joseph Addai, who had just signed his 5-year contract:
    "I'm in the playbook as we speak."
    The attitude of a hungry and focused team.
  • Adam Vinatieri showed up early, which is rare of a kicker, and displays yet another sharp contrast between him and former-kicker Mike Vanderjagt.
  • Bob Sanders will be held out of camp activities for two weeks while he heals up from shoulder surgery. The decision is precautionary. Rookie Tim Jennings will also be limited in activities while he heals
  • Several Colts players showed up wearing Yankees caps. Is this a not-so-subtle "F You!" to the Patriots and their fans? (hehehe)