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Make yourself known- create an account

Ok, in the last three days the site traffic here and almost trippled. In fact, the site traffic for all the SB Nation blogs (especially the baseball and football blogs) has gone through the friggin' roof!

So, I'm assuming we are getting some people who don't yet know how easy it is to post stories here, comment on stories, make diaries, and interact with the site. To do this, simply click here. This will take you to the account admin. There, you can create an account and take part in Stampede Blue.

To make an account is easy. It doesn't require money. It doesn't require an address, a social security number, or a urine test. It just requires an email. Any email will do, but one you can access because the account activation notice is sent there.

If you look to the right on this main page, you'll see diaries posted by Colts fans and other NFL fan alike. All opinions about football are welcome and appreciated. Jusy keep it clean, honest, and civil. If you think Peyton Manning sucks, that's cool. Tell me why. Back it up with a reasoned argument. Simply saying "Peyton sucks because he can't win a Super Bowl, and everyone knows it but you," is not a reasoned argument. If you read many of the diaries here, you'll see some were made by Patriots fans, Jaguars fans, Cowobys fans, etc. It's all good.

So, if you want to chime in on training camp, the upcoming season, your favorite player, or anything football-related, please make an account and make your presence known. I always update this site with any and all info I find. I'm very opinionated, but I'm also fair.

Blogs only work when people like you make your opinions known. Make an account, and tell us why you think what you think. Welcome to Stampede Blue!