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What I'm hearing from camp

  • Ryan Lilja and Jake Scott are the starting guards on the o-line. I am not happy about this.
  • TJ Rushing has looked very good handling punts and kicks. The Colts have 6 players vying for the job, including Terrence Wilkins.
  • Joseph Addai is impressing everyone. Folks say he can juke a DB out of his jock. He's shown impressive moves, great cut-back ability, and outstanding speed.
  • Addai, Dominic Rhodes, and Kory Champman have been catching a lot of passes out of the backfield.
  • Back-up QB Jim Sorgi still has a sore throwing arm. Shaun King is listed as the #2 QB.
  • Montae Raegor and Mike Doss are sitting out for a while nursing injuries. They join Bob Sanders and rookie Tim Jennings.
  • Ben Hartstock is very slow.
  • Gary Brackett was promoted to team captain on defense. Another great success story. Brackett is a very underrated MLB and a great person. He's a born leader.

Still no news on Marvin Harrison's health or how a slimmed down Corey Simon is performing. The big buzz is Addai. Teammates seem to really like him, and he is showcasing some serious ability. In one drill he blocked on the play, and his blocks were hard and loud.

I'll post more info as I get it.

Update [2006-8-1 16:17:20 by BigBlueShoe]:ColtsBlueTN over at ColtsPower has some good observations of training camp.