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Rams 19, Colts 17

So, what did we learn after watching the Rams beat the Colts 19-17 in the first pre-season game of the season?

  • Adam Vinatieri is a complete stud. First kick: an onside kick, perfectly executed. Second kick: Extra point. Third kick: Kickoff touchback (I nearly fell out of my seat watching it). Fourth kick: 53 yard FG, with room to spare, right down the middle. Fifth kick: Kickoff goes into the endzone. In the first quarter, Vinatieri made every dork Patriot fan that said Vinatieri's back injury was why the Patriots didn't re-sign him look like utter fools. In any case, we now know why New England couldn't re-sign Adam V. He didn't want to go back there, not after all the futzing around they did when trying to re-sign him.
  • Peyton and Reggie Wayne are in mid-season form.
  • I liked Dylan Gandy on the o-line last night. He looks quick, and his heads up play when Sorgi was sacked in the endzone saved a TD.
  • Speaking of Sorgi, he looked terrible. His arm seems to have no strength. He needs surgery, and needs to shut it down for a while. Shaun King, however, looked very good, especially for someone who's been out of football for a year.
  • It was hard to evaluate Rhodes or Addai. One the first series, Rhodes ran well with the first offense. Addai looked ok, but he was running behind the second unit o-line, and his QB (Sorgi) wasn't giving him much. Kory Chapman looked very good, and Mungro did some good things.
  • The Colts gave up 404 yards of offense and 202 rushing yards. Whatever. Simon, Reagor, Sanders, Doss, David, and Freeney did not play at all. Gary Brackett was limited with a knee injury (he's fine). Last night's starting safety, Dexter Reid, separated his shoulder and will miss some time. Reid is a special teams ace.
  • When Sorgi was sacked for a safety, Darrell Reid (288 DT) was lined up as a fullback in the backfield.
  • Marlin Jackson did not look good. He whiffed on a tackle on a WR screen, and was beat a few times.
  • Second unit o-line protection was dismal. Howard Mudd better get that squared away.
  • I saw Gilbert Gardner get blocked out of a running play that allowed Stephen Jackson to gain 30 yards. However, the rest of the night he looked good, making solid tackles and flying to the ball.
  • Cato June is ready to smack someone around. Like Manning and Wayne, he looks in mid-season form.
  • TJ Rushing looked very good on kickoffs. Man, is he fast! He did muff his first punt though, which made me clench my fists. Rushing might return kicks while Wilkins returns punts.

All in all, despite not winning, some things looked good, while some other things looked disappointing. Dexter Reid was the only serious injury, which is unfortunate. Reid is a BIG special teams player.