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Stampede Blue on the radio!

I will be on AOL's Sports Bloggers Live radio at 12:15pm ET today talking about the Colts as part of their AFC South preview. If I get a sound file of the interview, I'll post a link here so you all can hear my beautiful voice.

This is courtesy of the nice folks at AOL (who I will refrain from bashing for at least a week), and Mr. Jamie Mottram. Jamie's site, Mr. Irrelevant's Sports Blog, is actually quite funny. Please visit him, and tune into the show today at 12:15pm ET.

Update [2006-8-14 9:4:34 by BigBlueShoe]: Quick update on some camp news: Brandon Stokley was injured at camp and carted off the field. Injury unknown as now. Stokley getting injured is a yearly ritual. The good news is both Bob Sanders and Mike Doss are expected back in full pads today.