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Larry Foote = whiny b!tch

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Colts offensive line coach Howard Mudd said this when he was asked about teams copying the Steelers gameplan against the Colts:

"Teams are going to look at (Pittsburgh and San Diego) and say, 'Let's try to do the same thing,' " he said. "If they see somebody they think stopped you for a week, they're going to come out and try to do some of the very same things.''

Take your best shot, replied Mudd. And that includes the Steelers, should they meet again this postseason.

"I'm very respectful of the Pittsburgh Steelers," Mudd said. "They won. They are the champions and I respect them. But the Pittsburgh Steelers did not beat the Colts. The Colts beat the Colts.

"Let's go play again. Right now."

Steelers linebacker Larry Foote responded to Mudd's comments:
"He said we didn't beat them?" Foote said. "What happened on the defensive side of the ball, when our offense was driving up and down the field on them? He didn't say anything about the interception we had (by strong safety Troy Polamalu) that the referees called back?

"Tell him they were outcoached."

Psst, Larry. You see that part where Howard Mudd says he respects you, and calls you champion? Did you somehow miss that, or are you just a whiny b!tch with a first grade reading level? Or, even worse, did you just accept whatever the reporter fed you without first consulting the source?

And Larry, I'd get your memory checked. Your offense didn't drive up and down the field all game on the Colts. The INT call back was sketchy, but so were several pass interference calls, or non-calls, that favored the Steelers all game (something that reoccurred in the Steelers' favor in the Super Bowl against Seattle).

So please, quit the crying Larry, or I might have to buy you a matching rattle and diaper.

Methinks Larry feels disrespected. Why? He has a ring. Why does he even care what some o-line coach thinks? Maybe he just needs to remove his head from his own a$$.

Update [2006-8-16 16:31:17 by BigBlueShoe]: Well, it seems many of the fine chaps at Behind the Steel Curtain disagree with my assessment. I had no idea Steelers fans actually cared what I thought.