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What I'm hearing from camp

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Important note: I am not at camp, so much of what I'm hearing is either from folks emailing me observations, or things I pick up on the Internet. If you have some observations of your own, add them to the comments and I'll update this story with them.

  • Pictured above is Marvin Harrison. He has no cast on his wrist. So, I guess he's fine.
  • The Colts are working on more screen passes to utilize the speed of RBs Addai, Rhodes, and Chapman.
  • On one screen pass, Dwight Freeney read the play, stepped in front of Manning's pass, and picked it off.
  • Folks seem to be impressed with Terrence Wilkins handling kick returners.
  • CB Kelvin Hayden was shaken up after getting burned by an as-yet-unknown wide receiver.
  • Dungy has high expectations for Corey Simon this season. He expects Simon to dominate from the DT spot, ala Warren Sapp in his prime.

Still no updates on Keiaho. When I get them, I'll post them ASAP.

Update [2006-8-2 13:4:4 by BigBlueShoe]: And just like that, confirmation of Freddie Keiaho's signing with the Colts. Terms not yet disclosed. All the players are in camp. On paper, this is the best team in the NFL. Now, they have to prove it.