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More on injuries

So, with Mungro out, who will the Colts use on the goal line? For years, Mungro was used as the goal line back when the Colts were inside the 5 yard line. It was Mungro that caught the record tying TD number 48 from Manning back in December 2004. I don't think they will sign a new back. They might keep Tony Hollings (who had no chance to stay on this roster with Mungro healthy) and promote Kory Chapman on the depth chart. The loss of Mungro might increase the carries for Addai.

The other injury problem involves backup QB Jim Sorgi. He said he felt better after the game with Seattle, when Julian Peterson dropped him so hard they felt it in China. I could really care how Sorgi "feels." His performance in the pre-season (pre-body slam) leads me to believe he is not healthy. His shoulder is hurt and either surgery or complete rest are needed. Until then, Shaun King is the back-up, which leaves the #3 spot open.

It's entirely possible for someone like Kerry Collins to sign with Indy and carry a clip board. Collins has yet to sign with a team after he was cut by the Raiders, which displayed yet another bold example of Al Davis' stupidity. Cutting Collins to sign Aaron Brooks?

Somebody check Al to see if he's taken his meds.

Kerry Collins has a good personal relationship with Colts President Bill Polian. Polian drafted Collins when he was the GM with the Carolina Panthers back in 1995. Right now, Collins is patiently waiting for the right opportunity. If that opportunity does not materialize, he will probably sign with someone as a backup. I don't think Collins wants to sit out the entire 2006 season.

Despite all the bad injury news regarding Mungro and Sorgi, there is some very good news: Tim Jennings, Rob Morris, and Montae Reagor all returned to practice. Corey Simon is expected to be ready for the season opener after knee surgery. Adam Vinatieri and Hunter Smith are expected to start in the Meadowlands (despite Peter King's theories), and it is still possible for WR Brandon Stokley to play opening day.

So, despite the lose of Mungro and the Sorgi shoulder issues, the Colts are getting healthy, especially on defense. The silver lining with injuries is the young guys get time. Still, it's sickening to see someone like Mungro go down.