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Pre-season preview: Colts at Saints


Well, the Colts aren't exactly playing at New Orleans. If you've followed the Katrina cleanup you know there are still significant parts of the city that need rebuilding. Until the city is fixed up, the Saints "home" games are played at Memorial Stadium in Jackson, MS. Memorial Stadium is the place Archie Manning cemented his legendary status in the state of Mississippi. Now, Archie's son Peyton comes to town to play the team Archie played for as a pro. So, the game has meaning for the local fans down there.

If you've been reading Stampede Blue this week, you've probably noticed that I don't like the hype surrounding Jesus in Cleats, Reggie Bush. ESPN, Fox Sports, and just about every other idiot sports network re-played his 44 yard run against the Titans two weeks ago. When Bush got stoned against the Cowboys, not a peep from the pundits.

Now, Reggie Bush goes against the Colts defense. This defense is now getting healthy. DT Montae Reagor, DE Dwight Freeney, and rookie CB Tim Jennings will play tonight. However, Gary Bracket, Gilbert Gardner, and Corey Simon will not play, and those players are the best run stuffers for this defense.

So, Reggie might have a good game.

First unit offense, defense, and ST for both teams will play all of the first half and some of the third quarter. The third pre-seaosn game is often the "dress rehearsal" for the regular season.

Now, with all pre-season games, I don't get into matchups. I just point out things I'll be looking for during the game. And those things are:

  • Tim Jennings. He hasn't played AT ALL this pre-season. He was a second round pick. Why did we get him? It seems Marlin Jackson and Nick Harper are cemented as the starting CBs, with Jason David and Kelvin Hayden round out the rotation. Where does Jennings fit in?
  • The Colts signed former Kansas City and Green Bay WR Marc Boerigter this past week. The Colts were very high on this guy in 2002, but he ended up signing with the Chiefs. He was with the Packers during training camp and played BAD. Now, he's with the Colts. How will he look? Should current 3rd string WR Aaron Moorehead be worried?
  • Montae Reagor is back, and I hope to God he's healthy. We'll see if he is.
  • Joseph Addai will see a lot of action tonight. I have a small hope: he outshines Bush, leaving the ESPN pundits speechless. Yes, I can dream.

The game starts tonight at 7pm on local TV (no national TV game).