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Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

Colts fans, it has arrived. SB Nation has a Pats blog, a Steelers blog (where they just LOVE me), and a Broncos blog. Now, while the Colts have strong rivalries with the teams those blogs cover (especially those damn Patriots) we have not had an AFC South division team blogged...

... until now.

Please welcome River City Rage and his blog Big Cat Country to SB Nation! BCC will cover those funny looking, spotted kitty-cats from Florida, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

You all remember them, right? The team that said they were going to sweep us last year, shut us out, and humiliate us. This year, they don't seem as vocal. I guess getting kicked in the face twice last year will often humble a loud-mouthed team.

Even though the Jags have many punks on their roster, and a coach so out-of-control his antics have cost the team wins, they do have a talented club. The Jags are viewed by many as the team with the best chance to unseat the Colts in the AFC South.

Despite my loathing of those funny looking kitty cats from Florida, the team could not get a better blogger than River City Rage. We all know him here at Stamp Blue as absurdpolitik. His diaries are still available to the right, along the side bar. absurdpolitik's work was so good it caught the eye of the SB Nation admins, and they asked him to blog for the Jaguars. We'll miss his regular posting here, but we'll certainly enjoy reading his stuff over at the Jags blog.

Again, like with Skin Patrol (who now blogs the Redskins at Hogs Haven) and now absurdpolitik (aka River City Rage), if you post regularly on a site you might just get your own blog. All SB Nation football sites are open to anything NFL related.

If you are not a Colts fan, it's cool. Make an account and tell me why your team is so good. Accounts take three seconds to make, and only require an email. No money. No address. No urine sample. Just a generic email. If your team isn't covered yet by SB Nation, then make an account and talk about them here. I watched the Dolphins and the Panthers play a few nights ago. Both look good, and it is amazing how fast Culpepper has recovered.

Welcome Big Cat Country to the SB Nation family!