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More on Wells signing, Stokley's return

Jonathan Wells
With RB Jonathan Wells signed, the Colts might just have the stable of RBs intact. Wells is a power runner, and he must have impressed the Colts coaching or scouting department when he ran against Indy when he was with division rival Houston. Wells is a big boy (6'1'', 251 pounds). He doesn't have a great deal of speed, but he has good feet and runs hard. He always ran well against the Colts when they played. Indy might use him as a HB/FB hybrid. I don't think Dungy wants to use Darrell Reid as a FB anymore even though he has looked good as a FB. I have no idea how Wells is as a run blocker. This move was a step to replace James Mungro, who was lost for the season against the Seahawks. It also spells the end for Tony Hollins. It looks like, hopefully, the Colts will go into the regular season opener with Rhodes, Addai, Chapman, and Wells as their RBs. That's not too shabby.

In the good news department, Brandon Stokley is practicing again. He hopes to be ready for the Giants. If he is ready by the Giants game, Stokley could be the difference. The Giants secondary is not very good, and Stokley usually murders nickel cornerbacks. Also, it was really something to see Carson Palmer play last night. Man, that guy can throw! It's also been good to see guys like Donavan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, and Ben Roethlisberger come back, even though Roethlisberger's injury wins the bonehead award for this season. Still, I'm glad he seems ok.

Later today, I'll post my "expert opinion" (barf!) on what I think the roster will look like when they select their final 53 to start the season. There's also this week's NFL Roundtable, coming soon.