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My "expert opinion" on the 53 man roster and practice squad

The NFL mandates that that teams trim their rosters to 53 active players prior to the start of the regular season. They also allow 8 additional players designated to the Practice Squad (P.S.). Injured players are placed on either the Injured Reserve List (I.R.- done of the season) or the Physically Unable to Perform List (P.U.P.- injured player can return, if healthy, by week 8). Here is my best guess for the Colts roster entering the 2006 regular season. Players with a strike through are cut outright. Other players, with a PUP, IR, or PS next to their names, are placed on those lists:

Quarterbacks (4)
09 Betts, Josh QB
10 King, Shaun QB
18 Manning, Peyton QB
12 Sorgi, Jim QB (P.U.P.)

Runningbacks (4)
29 Addai, Joseph RB
31 Chapman, Kory RB
38 Hollings, Tony RB
35 Mungro, James RB (I.R.)
33 Rhodes, Dominic RB
XX Wells, Jonathan RB

Wide Receivers (7)
16 Boerigter, Marc WR
88 Harrison, Marvin WR
01 Hinkel, Ed WR
85 Moorehead, Aaron WR
15 Sheldon, Dan WR
84 Standeford, John WR (P.S.)
83 Stokley, Brandon WR
87 Wayne, Reggie WR
02 Wilkins, Terrence WR

Tackles (5)
71 Diem, Ryan OT
66 Federkeil, Daniel OT (P.S.)
78 Glenn, Tarik OT
74 Johnson, Charlie OT
67 Lacy, Bo OT
75 Toudouze, Michael OT

Guards (4)
57 Gandy, Dylan OG
65 Lilja, Ryan OG (P.U.P.)
73 Scott, Jake OG
69 Ulrich, Matt OG

Centers (2)
68 Bimper, Albert C (P.S.)
63 Saturday, Jeff C
50 Tanner, Russ C

Tight Ends (4)
44 Clark, Dallas TE
81 Fletcher, Bryan TE
80 Hartsock, Ben TE
48 Snow, Justin TE
86 Utecht, Ben TE

Kickers (1)
08 Andrus, Shane K
04 Vinatieri, Adam K

Punters (1)
06 Hodges, Reggie P
17 Smith, Hunter P

Defensive Ends (6)
79 Brock, Raheem DE
93 Freeney, Dwight DE
92 Gause, George DE
98 Mathis, Robert DE
91 Thomas, Josh DE
99 Welsh, Jonathan DE
60 West, Marcus DL (P.S.)

Defensive Tackles (4)
72 Burns, Vincent DT
68 Johnson, Tom DT
90 Reagor, Montae DT
95 Reid, Darrell DT
97 Simon, Corey DT

Linebackers (9)
58 Brackett, Gary LB
51 Gardner, Gilbert LB
56 Hagler, Tyjuan LB
45 Hannah, Nick LB (P.S.)
46 Hoyte, Brandon LB (P.S.)
59 June, Cato LB
54 Keiaho, Freddie LB
94 Morris, Rob LB
53 O'Neil, Keith LB
52 Robinson, Dale LB  (P.S.)

Defensive Backs (11)
38 Bacon, Waine DB
41 Bethea, Antoine DB
42 David, Jason DB
39 Davis, Tanard DB
20 Doss, Mike DB
43 Giordano, Matt DB
25 Harper, Nick DB
26 Hayden, Kelvin DB
27 Hutchins, Von DB
28 Jackson, Marlin DB
35 Jennings, Tim DB
36 Reid, Dexter DB (P.U.P.)
34 Rushing, T.J. DB
21 Sanders, Bob DB

It's important to note that if/when a player returns from the P.U.P. list, a player from either the practice squad or the active roster must get waived. So, if/when jim Sorgi retrns from the P.U.P. list, Josh Betts would most likely get waived to make room.