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More stories from camp

Once again, I've got to tip my cap to ColtsBlueTN over at ColtsPower. He's writing up some wonderful camp information. Here's a summary of his and some other evaluations people have sent to me:

  • Competition between Addai and Rhodes is intense, but not bitter. Both are working their butts off, but they are also helping each other. Rhodes has been a good mentor, showing Addai the training camp ropes.
  • Addai broke two more long runs for TDs in practice. This means one of two things: Addai is realy good, or the defenses he's running against are really bad.
  • David Thornton is a distant memory. Both Gilbert Gardner and Freddie Keiaho are playing Thornton's old LBer position very well.
  • When Keiaho was on the field, intentisty increased 50%. You could not tell this was his first practice. He looked sharp, focused, and he is a playmaker. On one play, James Mungro fumbled and Keiaho recovered it and returned it for a TD.
  • Shaun King looks more polished than Jim Sorgi, who is still having arm problems.
  • Darrell Reid looks very good along the d-line, and will repalce Larry Tripplett.Josh Thomas and Gabe Nyenhuis. No word on Sweat Pea Burns.
  • Corey Simon looks fast, fast, FAST.