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Make an account

Once again, I pimp our services here at Stampede Blue. Recently, we've gotten lots of hits from sites linking to us. If you are new please make an account and post a diary, some comments, a poll, etc.

Remember, folks with accounts can post diaries using the same pictures and other html features I use in my posts. Those diaries that really tell something are almost always posted my main news section.

Make an account, and make yourself heard. To make one, click here. It requires no money. No address. No personal information. Only an email. That's it.

Even if you are not a Colts fan, it's cool to post why you like your team. Jags fans, Pats fans, Bears fans, and Cowboys fans have all posted here.

Blogs like this only work when readers post their own comments, diaries, etc. They work when you make yourself heard. Make an account today, and welcome to Stampede Blue.