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Football is indeed back

Photo: Associated Press
So, I finished my work late last night (around 11pm), and I walked over to a local pub for a pint of Goose Island (one of my favorites). The pub is more of a beer hall than your usual hole-in-the-wall joint. The ceilings are high, and everything looks like it's made of wood. On one of the big flat screens they have mounted on the wall, I see what I've missed since early February:


The game was between two teams I could care less about: Philly and Oakland. But, that didn't matter. It was awesome just to see the game, even if the effort level was pre-season form. The game itself was a sloppy snore fest between two teams that didn't make the playoffs last year (who picked this game anyway?). I think Philly will bounce back and challenge for the NFC East again. But Oakland? Well, they are quite simply the most pathetic organization in the AFC. Al Davis is old, and he's an idiot. Art Shell couldn't win 12 years ago, and he won't win now, not with Aaron Brooks slinging the ball for him.

But all that didn't matter last night. It was just fun to see some football.

Regarding the Hall of Fame inductions this weekend, I have to say I was a little touched by Troy Aikman breaking down during his speech. Of all the Cowboys players I have every seen, he was my favorite. I also feel his work in broadcasting after football has been tremendous. Aikman is the best color commentator in football, period.

Idiots like John Madden, who was also inducted this weekend, can't hold Aikman's jock when it comes to accurately analyzing and explaining the game of football. He makes it easy to understand for a novice listener while, at the same time, pointing out key things that real football gurus like to hear. Also, his Aikman Efficiency Rankings are outstanding and the NFL should really consider using them to measure official statisitcs.

Photo: Pro Football Hall of Fame
The final point I'll make on the HoF regards some comments made on another site over the induction of Warren Moon. I'll make this clear and to the point:

Warren Moon belongs in the Hall of Fame. He was not inducted because he is black. To even suggest that he was inducted because of his skin color is racist in and of itself. People who think that Warren Moon doesn't belong in the HoF are bigoted, insensitive idiots, and should be dismissed outright.

The man threw for more than 70,000 yards in both the CFL and the NFL. Remember, this is the PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME, not the NFL Hall of Fame. I find it funny that some people, several months ago, seemed to lobby hard for Doug friggin' Flutie to get a HoF nod. Their veiled argument for Flutie was he had a great pro career... in Canada. And that he was "the most productive offensive player in the history of the game, and by a wide margin."

Yet, these same people feel Moon should not be there even though he threw for over 49,000 NFL yards, won 5 CFL Grey Cups, took his teams to the NFL playoffs 9 times, and was a 9 time NFL Pro Bowler. Moon won more championships than any other inductee this past weekend (remember, this is the PRO FOOTBALL Hall of Fame). But, even if you disregard Moon's CFL career, his NFL career alone is enough to warrant a HoF nod.

Good God, if Joe Namath (a drunk white guy who threw more career INTs than TDs) is in the Hall of Fame, Moon had every right to walk in! And yes, I know Broadway Joe won a ring. So what! Trent Dilfer has a ring. Should we be polishing his bust in a few years?

There's no debate regarding Warren Moon. He's a HoFer, no question. People that do question his HoF status simply don't understand football, and their opinion means next to nothing.