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What I'm hearing from camp

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  • Marlin Jackson and Jason David are really battling it out for the starting CB job. Both have had excellent camps. In the Blue v. White game, Marlin was physical and knocking people around. Meanwhile, Jason was active and even stripped the ball lose from a receiver.

    Side Note: This is why camp competition is very, very good for a football team. This competition is motivating two good CBs to become better. So, let this be a warning to all wouldbe GMs out there: if you see a player on your team moaning and complaining that he actually has to compete for the job, CUT HIM. Nothing in life is guaranteed. We all have to perform in life, or someone else will swoop in and take our place. It's the way working life is. Players that don't understand and embrace this are garbage, and aren't worth the trouble.

  • The number one offense will play 15 plays in the first quarter against the Rams. Rhodes will start at RB, but Addai will get reps with the first team offense before the second unit hits the field.
  • Shaun King will QB the second unit.
  • Dwight Freeney has a sore shoulder, and it will most likely keep him out of the first pre-season game. He's scheduled for an MRI tomorrow. Dungy says the injury does not look major, but they're having an MRI just in case. Freeney had surgery on this shoulder some time ago.
  • In one-on-one drills between o-line and DEs, Robert Mathis was killing RT Ryan Diem. Mathis might explode into the spotlight this year. As for Diem, he better shape up. He played bad in the playoff game, and many folks wonder if he should be moved back to RG while rookie Michael Toudouze gets a crack at RT.
  • Bob Lamey, on his radio show, said Bob Sanders is fine and that he is sitting for percautionary reasons. Bob is still running and training. Lamey claimed he looks great.
  • Referring back to the Marlin v. Jason CB battle: if both these guys look so good, why not start both of them, and stick Harper in the nickel?
  • The Colts will keep one kicker (shocker!) to handle both FGs and kickoffs. Vinatieri's kickoffs have been excellent. He's kicking it farther than Vandy or any of the kickoff cast-offs ever did.

I saw a special last night on ESPN about the Panthers and Keyshawn Johnson. The whole segment was about how Johnson will have to "cope" with playing second fiddle to Steve Smith.

I'm sorry, but WHAT?

Um, WHO CARES how Keyshawn copes with anything? He signed a contract. If the coaching staff wants him to punt, he's expected to do it to the best of his ability; no complaints. They had an interview with Steve Smith (who looks like he's been hit in the head too many times), and Smith said this was his team and that Keyshawn better not think he's option #1.

Steve, let me explain something to you (because I know you're reading this): if you are open on the route, you're option #1. If you aren't, then another guy should get the ball. It's a simple formula. If Jake Delhomme has to force passes to you in order to keep you happy, then coach John Fox should save himself the trouble and sit Smith. The object is to win the game, not harp on how many friggin' balls you grab.

I'll give Delhomme credit. He said he's not there to make anyone happy. He's there to win. He's got his work cut out for him dealing with Smith and Johnson.