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Pre-season Game Thread: Bengals at Colts

I'm in a Holiday Inn somewhere in Montreal. They have a garden set up here with giant fish floating in very, very shallow water.

Anyway, my apologies to Kirkendall at Cincy Jungle, but I won't be around to watch the Colts play the Bengals tonight. I know we all hope no one gets hurt, and that some of the younger guys can establish themselves.

I'll be camping for a few days. No Internet connection in the woods. For those of you posting, MadTownColtsFan has an article posted on Vinatieri's injury. It's weird that the Colts are having to unconfirm something stated by somebody else. Someone (not sure who, Google search can't find the claim) claimed Vinatieri had a broken foot. I've grown skeptical of rumored medical disognosis recently, mainly because it is often wrong. Vinatieri has a strained ligament, not a broken foot, according to the Colts.

If something different is reported, we'll discuss it here.

Anyway, back on subject: This is an open thread for the Colts v. Bengals game. Post away, and have a safe and fun Labor Day.

Update [2006-9-1 9:22:25 by BigBlueShoe]:It was the Indianapolis Star that reported Vinatieri had a broken foot. Now, they are basicaly retracting that. Wow. I knew the Star sucked, but now they have really circled the toilet bowl.