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NFL Kickoff Weekend

It. Is. Finally. HERE!

The NFL Rocks!

NFL Kickoff Weekend is now in full swing. There are a full slate of games today, and many of our SB Nation footblal bloggers will be cross-blogging between sites as games progress. Here are some fun sites to check out today:

  • Dallas (Blogging The Boys) at Jacksonville (Big Cat Country)

    Needless to say, our Cowboys blog is our loudest blog, with passionate fans that really, truly believe they have a Super Bowl team. Their Boys go on the road to face a team that actually went to the playoffs last year: The Jaguars. Grizz at BTB and RiverCityRage at BCC will cross-blog all day between their respective sites.

    And when Cowboys fans get involved in anything, it is always entertaining.

  • Cincinnati (Cincy Jungle) at Kansas City (Arrowhead Pride)

    If you like offense, this is your game. Arguably the best runningback in football (Larry Johnson) goes up against a new and rebuilt Bengal defense. Carson Palmer returns after his horrible knee injury in the playoffs last year. The game is at Arrowhead, which (along with Lambeau Field and Soldier Field) is one of the best stadiums in the world. Kirkendall at Cincy Jungle and Chris at Arrowhead Pride will cross-blog all afternoon.

    This is an offensive slug fest second only to the eventual meeting between Indy and Cincy later this year.

  • Seattle (Field Gulls) at Detroit (Pride of Detroit)

    This is a match-up between two of my favorite writers at SB Nation: Shrug v. SeanYuille. I make no secret that I am a big SeanYuille fan. It's easy for guys like Shrug, Blitzburgh, and myself to write interesting stuff our teams. They have made the playoffs for several years. SeanYuille has to cover the Lions, and oh brother is that a feat! However, SeanYuille's writing does a superb job of clarifying for me (a non-Lions fan) exactly the state of the team. And, without sounding like a desperate homer, he actually has convinced me that the Lions are going to be pretty good this year.

    SeanYuille and Shrug (another great SB Nation writer) will cross-blog all day. This game will not be a blowout, in my not-so-humble opinion. Detroit is improved. Then agian, the Seahawks are also improved and they were in the Super Bowl last year.

It's great that we have three games where six of our NFL bloggers go head-to-head. As SB Nation adds more football blogs (and we are soon folks), this cross-blogging will occur more often.

Oh, and there's another game later tonight that you might have heard about. Stop by later and check out our Colts v. Giants open thread.

Also, click on all the NFL blogs on the sidebar to see how the other SB Nation bloggers are covering their teams. Windy City Gridiron is foaming at the mouth today because the Bears begin their season at Lambeau Field in Green Bay. Here's to football's return, and to SB Nation covering all the action!