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Week One: Game balls

  • The secondary: As bad as the defense played, the secondary was the lone bright spot. Nick Harper, especially, was brilliant. He gave up a TD to Plaxico Burress late in the second half, but it took a circus catch for Burress to haul it in. Otherwise, Harper had good position on him all night and was able to really seal the game with his pick in the 4th. Marlin Jackson led the team in tackles, and Jason David played well. antoine Bethea did some good things in coverage as well. Bob Sanders was a complete non-factor, and I have no idea why.
  • Adam Vinatieri: Pimp daddy Adam V. His FGs were clutch and his kickoffs helped more to keep the Giants offense at bay than the Colts defense did.
  • Dallas Clark: Dallas Clark is better than Jason Witten. Sorry Cowboys fans, but Dallas doesn't need to push off in the endzone to score.
  • Peyton Manning: Peyton Manning was gutty, poised, and so very, very well-prepared for this game. Except for him and maybe Brady, no one else would have survived that game. The environment was so hostile and the crowd so electric that the QB needed ice in his veins to get it done. Manning had anti-freeze in his.