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Brandon Jacobs- punked!

Thanks to AOL for providing me with this lovely gem. Apparently, Giants back-up RB Brandon Jacobs is a little punk bitch, and I hope last night's loss provides this bag of butt juice some humility.

Brandon thought it prudent to, essentially, insult the Colts prior to the game:

"We're a power team, we're going to play power football," Jacobs said. "We got a balanced attack, we choose to have a balanced attack, they don't have a balanced attack at all. Their balanced attack is in Arizona."

It's going to be a big difference in this game," Jacobs said. "Edge, I respect everything about his game, he is a great back, he was a big part of their offense, that pass didn't open up because the run wasn't going well. It's the NFL, you can't just throw anybody in there."

Wow. Pretty bold words for a guy that has, essentially, done nothing in this league. Here's what AOL writer Eric Conner said in response:
Don't forget #18 Brandon. He's going to tear your secondary apart. Don't you worry about that "balanced attack". You'll be seeing it in your nightmares.
Conner wrote that before Peyton Manning picked apart the Giants, taking the lead in the first quarter and never relinquishing it.

And regarding Jacobs' disrespect of Dom Rhodes: Brandon, when you run for 1,100 yards and 10 TDs in one season, call me. Since you haven't, and Dom Rhodes has, STFU!

This is why the Colts win, and punk teams like the Giants lose a lot! If morons like Jeremy Shockey, Plaxico Burress, and Brandon Jacobs did more to WIN THE GAME rather than flap their gums, they might actually win more games. Jacobs ran well last night, but his analysis of the game turned out to be complete garbage. This is why players should just STFU and let their play do the talking.

Thank God NY has classy players like Barber, Manning, and Strahan. If they want to go anywhere, they better get idiots like Jacobs under control. You simply do not say something like that before a game, disrespecting your opponent. Because often when you do, you get punked.

And Brandon Jacobs got punked.