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The running game and the defense... relax

For everyone that feels a little panic sticken regarding the defense and the running game, I offer you the following advise:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Relax
  3. Understand that it is just WEEK ONE
Take a look around the NFL and ask yourself if the Colts are in better shape than many of the other supposed "contenders."
  • New England needed a fluke safety to defeat a BAD Buffalo Bills team that smacked Tom Brady around and ran the football well against the NE defense. Tom Brady played terrible Sunday (unusual for him), completing only 47% of his passes for 163 yards, a pick and 2 TDs. Despite the safety, J.P. losman (who is usually terrible) played very well against NE's defense. NE's offensive line was getting clobbered all game, allowing the Bills to pressure Brady and force turnovers.
  • The Carolina Panthers, a team picked by many to win the Super Bowl, were absolutely destroyed by Michael Vick and the Falcons. Many think Carolina's front seven is the best in football. Well, that front seven gave up over 250 yards on the ground to the Falcons with 5.3 yards per rush! So, as bad as Indy's rush defense looked against the Giants, it wasn't as bad as Carolina's defense against Atlanta, and their defense is supposed to be better than ours.
  • Tampa Bay was supposed to have a power running attack this year with a strong defense. They were mauled by Baltimore, who ran for over 100 yards on them and completely stoned Carnell Williams.
  • The Seattle Seahawks were lucky to escape Detroit with a win. Despite a powerful o-line and the league MVP, they only rushed for 2.7 yards a carry. I guess that means their running game stinks, and they should pack it in, right?
  • Miami selected Ronnie Brown a lot higher last year than the Colts selected Joseph Addai this year. He got 30 yards on 15 carries against the Steelers, and the Dolphins folded in the 4th quarter to lose last Thursday night.

Now, I don't believe for a minute that Carolina's defense is THAT bad, or Seattle's rushing attack is that pathetic, or that New England and Tom Brady will play that poorly again. And none of those teams were playing in the kind of environment as the Colts did Sunday night. So, before we all freak out and declare our defense crap and our running game gone to Arizona, step back for some perspective.

The Colts won against a very tough opponent in their house in a big game. Supposed contenders like Carolina, Tampa Bay, Washington, Dallas, Denver, and Miami lost. Many of those teams I just mentioned lost BADLY, giving up big rushing plays and not getting a running game going themselves.

The Colts running game will struggle these first four weeks, as I said it would. However, it will find itself soon and the defense will improve, especially when Corey Simon gets back (he's practicing again by the way).

It's just week one. The Colts are 1-0 while several other teams aren't. It's all good, folks. It's all good.