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Showdown with the Spotted Kitties

Well, week two is in the books, and as we all guessed the AFC South has Indianapolis and Jacksonville at the top. They meet this Sunday in the RCA Dome to determine the early AFC South leader. Jacksonville is coming off a big win at home on MNF against the defending champion Steelers. Jags fans are sky high right now, and rightly so. Their defense played great football.

Small side note: Pittsburgh is in trouble. Yes, Roethlisberger is still recovering, but that doesn't explain Pittsburgh wretched running attack and bad secondary play. The Pittsburgh offense looks like a shell of its former self. They better get that fixed, and soon, before Cincy and Baltimore blow them out of the division and wildcard race.

For the Jags, the MNF game was big, but this contest Sunday against the Colts is bigger. For some reason, the Jags hate the Colts. It's certainly not the other way around. The Colts always talk about how they resepct Jacksonville, respect their organization, admire how the play defense, etc.

Sadly, the juvenille spotted kitties from Florida rarely return the compliment. Despite that fact that the Colts own the Jags (8-2 since the Jags were created in 1995), the spotted kitties still can't sem to show their betters any respect. They perform cheap shots in games to intentionally hurt Colts players. One of my favorites last year was when a Jags players (I think it was Marcus Stroud) said Screw the Colts! when asked by a reporter about their upcoming AFC South matchup with Indy (a game where Indy totally dominated Jacksonville in thier house). Ah yes, gotta love how the Jags treat their opponents.

Oh well. I guess the Colts will have to beat them again until their learn their lesson.

In all seriousness, Jacksonville looked damn good Monday night, and this early meeting between Indy and Jacksonville looks like one helluva game. Both teams see this as an early measuring stick. Jacksonville REALLY wants to win this. Beating the Colts in Indy after shutting out the Steelers would give Jacksonville the "respect" they feel they deserve. The Colts will go about things as they do, but they know this game is important. All division games are important.

All week, I'll be blogged with River City Rage at Big Cat Country, our excellent Jacksonville Jaguars blog. Expect lots of smack talk, analysis, and some fun articles as we lead up to yet another SHOWDOWN WITH THE SPOTTED KITTIES!