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Injury updates

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The Colts listed 21 players as "questionable" for Sundays game against the Spotted Kitties. This means 21 players have a 50/50 chance of playing in the game. Ouch! Two of those players are Corey Simon and Adam Vinatieri. If you read Dungy's statements about Simon, the prognosis is not good:

"[Corey Simon's] getting some more tests done and I don't have an update,'' Dungy said.
That does NOT sound good. This pretty much scratches him for Sunday's game, which is a big loss. Simon was a big reason the Colts swept Jacksonville last year. His presence controlled Fred Taylor, who typically kills the Colts. Raheem Brock will get the nod once again to start at DT. Montae Reagor, the other starting DT, is also a bit banged up. He's expected to play, but the colts have him listed as "questionable."  

The other potential loss for Sunday is da Pimpmasta His-Self: Adam Vinatieri. The Colts brought in Martin Gramatica this week in case Vinatieri can't go. Gramatica might handle kickoff duties this Sunday while Adam still handles the FGs. Vinatieri's groan is strained, which prevents him from kicking off.

Dwight Freeney's status is also iffy because of his pulled butt muscle. I trust the guys in the locker room are properly making fun of him for it.

So, it looks like the Colts are limping a bit, but I'm fairly certain Jags fans don't want to hear that. They lost Reggie Hayward, their best DE, for the season a few weeks ago. Despite this loss, the odds seemed stacked in Jacksonville's favor this week.

If you can't tell already, I'm very, very worried.