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I pimp Reggie Hayes and Eric Conner

I very rarely do this, but today I feel compelled to pimp two very good writers who cover the Colts: Reggie Hayes and Eric Conner. No, I am not related to either. No, they are not blackmailing me to do this (even though I'm sure they could if they wanted to, especially if they acquired pictures of me last April in downtown LA wearing a tutu... er, nevermind). I "heart" Reggie and Eric because they are good writers who cover the Colts very well.

Even though the Colts are, arguably, the most exciting team to watch in the NFL with more stars than the Milky Way, there's not many blogs dedicated to them. Stampede Blue was really the first real sports blog dedicated to Colts football, and we went live last March. However, while we were getting our feet wet here, Mr. Reggie Hayes had already built up a fine resume covering the Colts for the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, a newspaper that does a much better job covering the Colts than the friggin Indy Star does. And unlike Bob Kravitz, Reggie is not an idiot. He actually knows something about football.

Eric Conner is also a fine writer. He covers the Colts for AOL's Fanhouse. Now, SB Nation and AOL Fanhouse compete with each other on sports-related blogs. I personally don't care about any of that garbage. Eric is a good writer, and I highly recommend Colts fans check out his AOL Fanhouse. Eric used to write for a blog called Let's Go Colts. Now, the blog links with his AOL site.

So, slowly but surely, we're getting more folks writing about the Colts. Both Eric and Reggie are good writers, and I recommend them to any Colts fan. Hopefully, the more Colts blogging we get going, the less misleading information gets pumped into the idiot mainstream media.