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SB Nation Titans Blog: Music City Miracles

Seems only fitting that one day before our showdown with a division rival the folks at SB Nation decides to add another AFC South blog into our little family.

Please welcome Jimmy who will blog the Tennessee Titans at Music City Miracles.

It really wasn't that long ago when the Titans used to OWN the Colts. Sadly, the rivalry between Tennessee and Indy has died down a bit. The Titans are rebuilding, now firmly in the Vince Young era. Vince Young better be good because he's replacing a great QB in Steve McNair.

With Jimmy now in the fold, and with Big Cat Country gearing up for the Colts/Jags showdown, all we need now is a Houston Texans blogger and the AFC South is complete. I remember talking with WCG over at our Bears blog, and I said SB Nation would probably complete the NFC North or AFC North divisions before I got any bloggers in the AFC South.

I am so very glad I was wrong. Welcome to SB Nation, Jimmy.