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Fire Pete Morelli

I specifically did not mention the officiating in my game recap because I had something special in mind. If you watched the Jags v. Colts yesterday, you saw quite possibly one of the worst officiated games since the Colts played Pittsburgh in the playoffs last year. It should come as no surprise that the officiating crew yesterday was the same crew that blew the Pittsburgh game in January.

And the head official for both the playoff game and yesterday's contest was the one, the only Pete Morelli.

Pete Morelli, complete moron

This is the same Pete Morelli that called all those bogus pass interference calls against the Colts in the playoffs, and he called back an obvious INT by Pittsburgh's Troy Polamalu in the fourth quarter. His officiating in that playoff game was so bad, someone threw a rock through his house window.

Yesterday, he overturned an obvious 50 yard catch by Reggie Wayne. He swallowed his whistle while Rashad Mathis dry humped Marvin Harrison up and down the field on every play. It got so bad both the TV and radio announcers were calling Morelli and his crew bums.

Yet, it seems that despite all the screw ups, Pete Morelli is still employed as a head NFL referee. It truly is incredible. What's even more amazing is we at Stampede Blue have uncovered some new evidence that shows Pete Morelli has a long history of being a part of several colossal screw-ups. See the photo evidence below:

"You should claim Executive Privilege."
"I think it tastes great."
"That Jar-Jar is just adorable."

Yes, we agree. The evidence is damning. Yet, Pete Morelli still has a job officiating NFL games. If you can acquire any other Pete Morelli images showing his connection to any other colossal screw-ups in history, send them my way and I will post them.

And if anyone wants to start a site, I'd post there daily. This moron should not ref a Pop Warner team, let alone a professional football game fans pay good money to see.