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Injuries and the defense

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There was only one reported injury from Sunday's victory over the Jaguars: starting CB Nick Harper strained his groin. The Colts played much of the game without Harper. Marlin Jackson stepped in, and he and Jason David did a fine job covering Jacksonville's receivers. Harper is the latest member of the Colts defense to hit the injury list. Corey Simon and Bob Sanders did not play against Jacksonville, and they might not play against the Jets this Sunday.

Dungy said they hope to get Simon back on the practice field this week, but he won't get back into football shape for another 2 weeks. This is a long-winded way of saying we will not see Corey Simon until after the bye week. To be honest, if Simon isn't ready after the bye, this means something is really wrong and the Colts should IR him. And, if Simon is IRed, then this season is cooked. The Colts really, REALLY need Corey Simon back healthy and 100%. He is a difference maker at DT.

Even with Harper's injury, I cannot state enough how wonderful the Colts secondary has played. Their great play is a direct result of training camp competition. The competitive juices that flowed in camp helped make Harper, Jackson, and David better corners. Add to that the talent on the bench in the form of Tim Jennings and Kelvin Hayden, and the Colts have excellent depth. I'm not sure of Jennings' health, but if he is healthy the Colts will use him as the dime corner, and Hayden will move into the nickel is Harper is out until after the bye.

Despite giving up tons of rushing yards to the Giants and Jaguars, the Colts are giving up roughly 19.7 points per game, which is right in the middle of the pack. That number would be lower if Dungy hadn't pulled the defensive starters against Houston in the fourth quarter of Week 2. Had he not done that, the Colts would be giving up 15 ppg, which is exactly what they gave up last year. For the defense, this is very good news seeing as they have played without Simon, Sanders, and with an injured Freeney for several weeks.