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Jags are whining again

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Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio
at his Monday press conference

Poor, poor Jack. He's all maddy-watty at the Colts for kicking his butty-wutty AGAIN in the RCA Dome. Del Rio, a man known for doing and saying stupid things, alleges the Colts were leaping during the two missed field goals by kicker Josh Scobee during Sunday's game.
"I alerted the officials before the game about the clubbing of linemen, the vaulting on field goals. Both occurred. We'll put it in the game report like we always do."

Forget that fact that this is Jack Del Rio, a man so stupid he couldn't find his butt if it had Christopher Walken attached to it ringing a cow bell. In a game were virtually every bad call went Jacksonville's way, he is actually suggesting the the reason his kicker choked on two gimme FGs is because the Colts were leaping.

Folks, if you can, go back to the tape of the game if you have it. There is no indication of any leaping. None. Neither one of the FGs was blocked or tipped. Scobee just missed them. He choked. End of story.

Del Rio's comments were really in response to Colts punter Hunter Smith calling the Jags out for what they are. Smith said the Jaguars are:

" the stand-up comic who can only use vulgarity and curse words because he lacks intelligence and lacks class. . . . A team that gets personal fouls the way they do, the roughing penalties, they just don't have any material."

Now, Jack might not have liked that comment, but the evidence from Sunday's game, and pretty much any other Jaguars game coached by Jack Del Rio, proves Hunter's point. The Jags, despite all their talent and all their ability, are a punk team that get punked very, very easily. Like any dumb bully with a brain no longer than a cashew, the Jags can be goaded and pressured to make dumb mistakes in key situations. This is a team known for cheap shots. This is a team known for pushing and shoving after the whistle. Such activities demonstrate a lack of discipline. This is a direct reflection of their coach, Del Rio, who cost Jacksonville the AFC South last year with his boneheaded antics on the sideline.

Here's an example between a good coach and a punk loser like Del Rio: In the MNF game between the Saints and Falcons, a Falcons ball carrier was running out of bounds. Saints DB Curtis Deloatch pushed him out of bounds. After the whistle, Deloatch threw the Falcons player to the ground right in front of a ref. Flag. 15 yard penalty. Falcons have great field position. This occurred with the Saints holding an impressive 17-3 lead. Immediately after the flag was thrown, before the ref even announced the penalty to the crowd, Saints head coach Sean Payton was right in Deloatch's face, cursing him out, pushing him, telling him he was acting like an idiot.

Payton's immediate interference set a standard: stupid play will not be tolerated. I have yet to see Del Rio demonstrate anything like that. When Byron Leftwich scored his first quarter TD Sunday and "shhhhhed" the crowd in a taunting fashion, where was Del Rio? How many QB do something like that? Does Manning, Brady, McNair, McNabb, or Palmer do that? No, they don't. Leftwich's act was classless, and any good coach would have immediately gotten in his face and told him to stop acting like a punk.

Maybe if the Jags spent more time concentrating on playing winning football and playing smart, and less time whining about losing, they might actually beat a team like the Colts. I don't see that happening anytime soon, not with Jack Del Rio coaching.