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Clarification on Del Rio

I'd like to clarify something in light of River City Rage's comment in The Jags are Whining post: I think the Jaguars are a very talented team. However, I have never, ever been a fan of Del Rio. I think he stinks. I think that if the Jaguars had a real coach , and not a mindless punk who gets 15 yard unsportsman-like penalties drawn against him, the Jags would be a real Super Bowl team. His antics and his constant whining after losing to the Colts are not the only reasons I dislike Del Rio. My dislike for him stems back to his first hiring in Jacksonville. I personally think Del Rio was given his head caoching job based on little to no real experience. He'd spent one season as a defensive coordinator in Carolina under John Fox. That's it. That's pretty much all he'd done in the coaching ranks. Meanwhile, other more worthy coaches like Lovie Smith, Marvin Lewis, and Romeo Crennel were kicking ass as coordinators, but getting passed over for head coaching jobs.

And yes, I think race had something to do with it. I'm not calling the people of Jacksonville racist or anything like that, but when the owner hires a white head coach with little on his resume over guys like Lovie, Marvin, and Romeo it is definitely something that makes you go "hmmmmmm." I've seen very little from Del Rio to suggest he is a good coach. The Jags consistently under perform with the superb talent they have. They play undisciplined, sloppy, and make dumb, dumb mistakes repeatedly. You don't see teams coached by Lovie, Marvin, or Romeo do dumb stuff like that with the same consistency.

All that said, I appreciate River City Rage's comments. I disagree with them, but as always his, and anyone else's, comments are welcome and appreciated. Football is about smack talk and disagreeing, folks.

It's all part of the fun.