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Standeford, Rushing, and Toudouze cut... maybe

Well, is showing that TJ Rushing (KR), John Standeford (WR), and Michael Toudouze (OG) are all not on the active roster. They were removed to make room for Boiman, Klecko, and Dorsey. I would assume Rushing, Standeford, and Toudouze are getting signed to the practice squad, especally since the Colts are seemingly the last team left to formally announce the practice squad.

If Rushing is indeed cut, this means Terrence Wilkins is the sole kick and punt returner. Here's my question: Why cut Rushing when he can return kicks and play DB? Why not cut Hartstock (who stinks, and he's always hurt)? Do the Colts really need 4 friggin' TEs, with another on the practice squad?

Update [2006-9-5 12:15:11 by BigBlueShoe]:I should also state that OurLads has been known to get roster information wrong before. These cuts might not have happened. i'll update when I get the correct info.