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Comments on Vinatieri's injury and the Indy Star

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I want to comment on this because I'd like to clarify sone things for people: Adam Vinatieri has a foot injury. It is a nagging problem that will linger for weeks. It is in his non-kicking foot.

Despite this injury, Adam Vinatieri will kick on Sunday Night Football.

Those are the facts. Vinatieri will play, just like the Colts said he would.

This is why I don't like listening to he said/she said gossip about injuries from people like Adam Schefter at the NFL Network or the horrid reporters at the Indianapolis Star. Schefter reported that Vinatieri was going to miss significant playing time because of his injury. Colts fans freaked out. Fantasy fotball gurus went nuts. New England fans laughed and toasted the demise of their Benedict Arnold. The skies fell. The seas boiled. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats, living together. MASS HYSTERIA!

Except: Schefter was wrong. Once again, those pesky little facts get in the way of a reporter trying to stir controversy.

At the same time, the Indianapolis Star reported Vinatieri had a broken foot, and that his status was "uncertain". The Colts said he would play opening day.

Look who turned out to be right.

This is the same Indy Star that reported Al Harrington was imminent to get traded back to the Indiana Pacers. That trade was "imminent" for two friggin months! That's how long it took. Go check out Golden State of Mind, SB Nation's Golden State Warriors blog. The Warriors were in the running for Harrington, and GSM blogging for weeks about how it was taking forever for any deal to get done.

Imminent, my butt.

Though it did finally happen, the fallout made the Star's sports reporting look like the amateurs they are.

With regard to injuries, I never, EVER listen to morons like Adam Schefter or the dim reporters at the Indianapolis Star. Until I see the letter O-U-T next to the player's name on gameday, I assume they are playing.

And guess what: so does the opponent.

The reason people like Schefter jumped on Vinatieri's injury was because it was a potential story, not a real one. Forget reporting facts, which is his job I'm told. Gossip and rumor is so much more "interesting."

I hope this serves as a valuable lesson. If folks want to post about rumored injuries, it's cool with me. I just won't get into it. I appreciate MadTownColtsFan setting the record straight regarding Vinatieri's injury.