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Sports Illustrated spotlights Stampede Blue

If you pick up the most recent issue of SI (the football preview issue), Stampede Blue is mentioned in the Colts preview. I posted about SI's poll on their site with Stampede Blue as an option. Basically, the site that gets the most votes is featured on SI's team page.

I have no idea why they have this site as a choice. I never submitted anything to SI, never spoke to their editors. I didn't even consider buying their footblal preview issue.

The poll is silly because it allows you to vote numerous times. So, I could care less if we "win" the contest or nice. It's nice that SI mentions us as a good Colts site, but some of the other options are just plain silly. One Colts site they list is an Angelfire site.

Arrowhead Pride and Dawgs By Nature are also featured in their respective team sections.