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SB Nation FFL Draft

Sixteen SB Nation writers have gathered to form the first SB Nation Fantasy Football League. Shrug and I are managing the league. Tonight is our draft, which is a 17 round slug fest. Virtually everyone will get drafted, making the later rounds very interesting. Hey, we had to make it hard because the FF master, Mr. Eric Hinz of Fake Teams, is involved.

If it's hard for him, then it's a doozy.

Each draft selection is timed at 90 seconds. If no selection is made after 90 seconds, a player is autodrafted (we're using ESPN FFL). We'll all post draft updates at our respective sites as night goes on. I have the fourth overall pick. If you have a suggestion for who I should draft, I'm all ears.

Update [2006-9-5 22:28:16 by BigBlueShoe]:My first pick: Tiki Barber