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Newsflash: Jason Whitlock is really, really fat

Oh, and he's an idiot too. Did I forget to mention that? In Jason's latest hate fest against the Colts (the team that gave a raw deal to Whitlock's best friend, Jeff George), he makes the claim that Peyton Manning is not as "mentally tough" as players like Steve McNair and Brett Favre. :

Playing quarterback is the hardest thing to do in sports. It requires a mental and physical toughness that most rich kids simply cannot develop.

I'm not calling Griese, Simms or the Mannings wimps. They are not. But there are levels of toughness, and they'll never be as tough as southern good-ol' boys such as Favre and McNair. You have to miss a meal or two or wear your cousin's old clothes to be as mentally tough as Favre and McNair.

Um, huh?

Jason, I know you were probably distracted while typing this story, stuffing your face with yet another creme-filled donut from the complimentary hotel buffet table, but when you insinuate a player is not "mentally tough," that means you are calling them a wimp.

I won't even comment on Whitlock's notion that guys like McNair and Favre are more mentaly tough than Peyton Manning. I could post Manning's record against both QBs (6-3 against McHurt, 1-1 against Farve), but that would only make Whitlock look like even more of a fat idiot.

Folks, being raised poor does not make one more "mentally tough" than someone raised with privelege. Keyhawn Johnson was raised in the tough streets of LA, and he's a complete idiot, with a long track record of doing and saying stupid things. Meanwhile, Marvin Harrison grew up in a family that was well off, and he's a future HoFer.

Did I mention Whitlock was fat and stupid? Did I?