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Regular season (and New Year's) hangover

Good morning, Sunshine!

Ah yes, New Year's day. For at least one day out of the year, the toilet bowl is your best friend. Nothing like getting the new year started off right with your face down in the crapper. How's that combo of Jameson, Beefeater, and Old Milwaukee feel now, champ?

Anyway, hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years. Your hangover is well deserved, especially after this rollcoaster of a regular season for the Colts. They won in New England. Beat the Jets in the Meadowlands. Beat the Giants there as well. They also gave up 400 yards rushing to the Jags, lost on a 60 yard FG to the Titans, and let Houston beat them for the first time... ever!

Crazy season.

Now, the real season begins: the Playoffs. The Colts match up with the Kansas City Chiefs, a team known for its great rushing attack. Ugh!

All week, Chris at Arrowhead Pride and I will blog previews leading up to this game. It should be a great game, especially if Bob Sanders FINALLY plays. SB Nation will also have their best and worst of 2006 up soon.

One interesting thing of note: Dungy said he was going to make "changes" to the special teams units. This means, in not-so-subtle-language, that the ST has stunk this year. Expect to see Robert Mathis and Rob Morris playing ST this week even though they are defensive starters. Dungy is pulling out all the stops.