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Dear Coaches: YOU'RE FIRED!

Dennis Green? You're fired!

Expect to see several NFL coaches get the ax either today or later in the week. is already reporting Dennis Green is fired in Arizona. How smart was it to leave for Arizona now, Edge? Other coaches that will probably get canned:

  • Jim Mora Jr., Atlanta Falcons

  • Tom Coughlin, NY Giants

  • Art Shell, Oakland Raiders

  • Romeo Crennel, Cleveland Browns

Also, Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh will retire and Nick Saban in Miami is taking that Alabama job. So, that leaves seven potential HC vacancies. Amazing.

Some candidates that should be considered as head coaching repalcements in those cities: Ron Rivera, DC for Bears; Gene Huey, RB coach for Colts; Jim Caldwell, QB coach and Asst. HC for Colts; Greg Lewis, DC for Giants; Mike Tomlin, DC for Vikings; Bob Bratkowski, OC for Bengals; Ken Whisenhunt, OC for Steelers.

Update [2007-1-1 14:1:37 by BigBlueShoe]: Jim Mora Jr. was fired today as well. Check out The Falcoholic for more info.