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Practice closed again

Practice denied again

Just like last week, Tony Dungy has closed practice leading up to the playoff showdown between Indianapolis and Baltimore. Tip to PaytonMenning and ppr314 for posting about this.

After the Chiefs game, Dungy said he closed practice the week before in order to make Kansas City think he was making big changes. Dungy did make some significant changes, but it's not like he switched between a 3-4 and a 4-3 defense each quarter, or installed a 5 WR package for the offense.

This time around, he's closing practice because he wants to do... what? We know Addai is starting (or, at least, he better friggin' start). We know Sanders is back and they will use him in Cover 2 and Cover 3 situations. We know defensive starters like Rob Morris and Robert Mathis are playing special teams.

So, why close practice? Maybe, this time, the changes will be more obvious. More blitzing? Halfback passes? Reverses? Flee-flickers?

Are you as excited as I am?