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"You win this thing. You hear me?"

After Indianapolis defeated Kansas City, Chiefs coach Herm Edwards met his longtime firend and mentor, Tony Dungy, at midfield. Unlike Bill Belichick's icy treatment of his protege, Eric Mangini, Dungy and Edwards embraced as longtime friends. If you listened to Edwards after the embrace, he was recorded as saying to Dungy, "You win this thing. You hear me? Cause those boys showed up!"

The "thing" Edwards was referring to was the Super Bowl. I have often criticized Edwards as a coach, and especially as a game manager. But as a person and as a motivator, Edwards is top notch. Despite how I feel about his ability to coach, Edwards is like Dungy: a trailblazer. Not many African American coaches get the opportunity to be a Head Coach in football. At the game Saturday, three of the best were in the RCA Dome: Dungy, Edwards, and Lovie Smith (who took the 3 hour trip down from Chicago to watch the game). These men coached teams this season with a combined record of 33-14 with two division titles.

Regardless of whether or not you are a Colts fan, it would truly be a wonderful thing if Dungy won a Super Bowl. No black head coach has ever won the Lombardi Trophy, and Dungy is the most high profile black coach in America. Hopefully, this season, Dungy can take the trophy home to Indy and destroy another silly "myth."